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The Stinking Rose a Smelly Sham? – Garlic’s Obscure Shadow

by Ravi

LIES! Here’s the TRUTH! Urban Myth! Garlic is Great! Garlic is a NEUROTOXIN! Garlic CURES ALL DISEASE! Garlic de-synchronizes your brain! Eat garlic everyday! Don’t eat garlic!

Don’t ya just love the internet?

I just recently had an e-mail exchange with an interesting man who brought to my attention a respected researcher’s seriously negative comments about garlic. In an effort to present you (dear reader…) with some “real” information, and also because, like most avid cooks, I have many forms of garlic in my seasoning arsenal and have consumed garlic liberally for years, I definitely wanted to see if there was any substance to the claim that there are compounds in garlic that are neuro-toxic (!!??). Consider,  as recounted in my recent sugar article here – I was brought up on refined white sugar and would have argued like hell with you 25 years ago if you had suggested that this white death was in fact, white death!  I’ve had to accept that my life-long attitude towards sugar has changed with the new information I have learned – so, what about garlic?

What did I find out about the infamous, much loved Stinking Rose?

Very compelling stuff actually. And not all rosy-smelling.

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Paleo/Primal Eats @ Walmart – Cheap, Fake & Coming Soon!

by Ravi

I Can't Believe It's Considered Food

The “Paleo/Primal- Diet” thing is getting big - or at least big enough for the Big Boys in the food industry to start taking notice. The second largest Big Boy food/household products conglomerate Unilever announced their interest/intent recently.

Sound exciting? Think again.

The results will most-assuredly be a disaster to the Paleo/Primal movement. The Big Boys, regardless of all their deceptively written (and disgustingly pseudo-sincere) press releases, will definitely NOT be looking to improve the SAD or the health of the world – they will look at improving their bottom line. Period.

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Get real.  Wake up.  Get a clue.

Smell the coffee. FISH!

And get your damn head out of the (beach) sand.

Every time you buy a can of tuna or salmon, buy a fillet at the seafood counter or order a fish dinner at a restaurant,


Seafood and our oceans are LITERALLY on the edge – between the pollution and our incredible destructive industrial fishing habits, the once abundant nutrient-rich fish from the formerly pristine oceans we have all so much enjoyed are being all but wiped out.

But this time – YOU can do something about it!

read on to learn where to get SUSTAINABLE and DELICIOUS seafood


Dairy Is Paleo Part #2/3 Who Says What is “Domestication”?

by Ravi, Part #2 of 3

(if you have not read Part #1, you may click here)

OPENING COMMENTS: For Part #2 of 3:  Clearly I do not agree with conventional anthropological assumptions of no dairy consumption prior to the fertile crescent settling of humans as agriculturalists.  Additionally, I am disheartened by otherwise unconventional paleo/primal diet adherents and promoters so readily dismissing dairy by relying on the same limited CW (conventional wisdom) thinking.

follow the discussion to justify your feta here



great pic from gawker.com

by Ravi

Do you think, even for a nanosecond, about what food you shove in your piehole? I mean, for more time than it takes to take the paper off the double-cheese whopper? Do you actually read the ingredients on the label as you shop in the grocery store? Do you ever NOT eat from the brand-name food-like substances lining virtually every grocery store isle in Amerika?

Then you too, my dear reader, have orthorexia nervosa!

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Dairy Is Paleo (Goat Dairy that is…) Part#1/3


Dairy is a Paleolithic Human Foodstuff

Paleo-Purists will palpitate, and the science-hounds will howl for hard evidence. Well – if there was hard evidence for or against everything we all choose to question, there would be no need to ever postulate, would there?

Here is my case for the claim that we have, in fact, had dairy products from goats stretching far back into our paleolithic roots.

In this 3 part discussion I will first expound on the shortcomings of the conventional scientific method as pertinent to domestication theory.  Science repeatedly chases and/or builds sand castles on un-proven theories only to find, at some later point, that they were a poor basis for sometimes years of research and studies. In part 2, I then talk about how goat/human interactions could well be many tens of thousands of years older than currently speculated as indicated by unanswered genetic data that profiles a very different possible time frame for more intimate goat/human association.  I investigate the concept of domestication – what exactly is it both in paleolithic terms and modern terms, and finally in part 3, I explore how the nutritional evidence, in a variety of ways,  indicates many human populations have had a long association with the consumption of goat milk and goat milk dairy products, especially in relation to cow milk consumption – cow dairy almost certainly being a more recent and probably a neolithic nutritional adjunct.

read on here to feel better about enjoying your chevre…


PaleoHydration – Making Water a Tad More Tasty

by Ravi

Mark over at his “Daily Apple” just did a good awareness post on diet sodas, and although he does not come and outright vilify them, his good comments are food (drink?) for thought.

I, on the other hand, am happy to vilify any and all sweetened soda no matter what you use to sweeten it.

Seriously folks, this is one of the most amazingly profitable (and legal!) scams in all of modern marketing history. Take water (and not even good water), toss in some cheap sugar – or even cheaper highly-suspect pretend-sugar, add questionable chemicals to mimic a flavor – all at a total cost of probably less than a cent per can (the canning/bottling/shipping is the most expensive part of the package) and sell resulting pollution for 20 to 100 times it’s cost.  Advertise this liquid atrocity as “the cool drink to drink”, make sure it has some legal, at least mildly-addictive substance in it (too bad they could not still use cocaine, huh?) and literally become pushers of this nutritionally worthless and in fact, highly damaging fluid.  Use your ever-increasing huge profits to further push and addict group after group, generation after generation of people and voila! – you have one of the most amazingly profitable scams in all of modern marketing.

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LACTO-PALEO, A Case for Paleolithic Dairy Consumption – TEASER POST

UPDATE: parts #1 and #2 are up! go here:

Dairy Is Paleo (Goat Dairy that is…) Part#1/3

Dairy Is Paleo Part #2/3 Who Says What is “Domestication”?

by Ravi
TEASER POST – Yes, I’m doin’ that irritating “Coming Up Next” media thang, sorry – but I’m kinda excited about this post and subject – digging around seems to show that the dear ol goat (which I have been accused of being ;-) ) may well have been a nutritionally useful companion to us humans lots longer than CW (common wisdom) would care to speculate.  Studies of goat morphology can’t seem to conclusively concur on a variety of goat changes – especially ones they can now detect on a molecular level.  Traditional theories of domestication and herding don’t really fit – but no one is really ready to “officially” go out on a limb and push back goat domestication beyond the beginning of the agricultural revolution (10k years back) where the current evidence is found. But it’s that “all swans are white” thing again – until someone finds direct evidence of goats hangin’ with humans prior to the 10k mark, official dogma won’t speculate even though there are lots of great implications that goats were our friends further back.

Coming Soon to a Theater Blog Near you!


Tasty Experiments with Fermented Condiments

by Sunna

“The proliferation of lactobacilli in fermented vegetables enhances their digestibility and increases vitamin levels. These beneficial organisms produce numerous helpful enzymes as well as antibiotic and anti-carcinogenic substances. Their main by-product, lactic acid, not only keeps vegetables and fruits in a state of perfect preservation but also promotes the growth of healthy flora throughout the intestine.” (from “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon)

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Your Paleo-Diet TasteBud Makeover

by Ravi

a juicy fatty porkchop

I came across this interesting tidbit that rolled around the internet last year (I missed it – oh well..!) that we have an actual taste bud receptor for “fat”.  Now why would that be? (question directed at vegetarian and vegan crowd arguing for evolutionary vegetarianism). Well duhhh – we have the receptor ’cause nature wanted us to eat this substance! OK so you could say we taste sweet, so why is it not good to eat more sweets? Well, because nature DID want us to eat sweet when there was so little of it around – it indicated valuable energy-giving carbohydrate which, in paleo-terms, was not available chocloate-dipped, with 2 nuts and wrapped up just waiting for our dumb impulse purchase. (I would also argue that bitter taste buds are to give us care in eating plants and substances that may be bad for us…)

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