Getting “The Skinny” on Getting Skinny With the Paleo/Primal Diet

by Ravi

It takes a bit of mental gymnastics to “get” this one central premise (after a generation of bad conditioning) – but …


*unless (of course) you are stuffing down several Big Macs and a shake combining refined carbs, sugar and cheap, bad-fat laden, antibiotic-laden, grain finished Omega 6 drenched pseudo-meat “pink slime” all in one horrid meal!


(Volume #2 on Getting Skinny is up HERE)

More and more good, hard science is coming to bear on this issue – low-fat diets are being shown to be just plain wrong, or worse.   Our evolutionary genetics dictate a diet low in carbs and humans NEVER ate any substantial amount of grains before the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago. Many believe (and there is grain silos full of evidence to support it) that the consumption of grains themselves – coupled with low-fat diet and our now massive sugar consumption is driving the obesity epidemic.


Since a picture is worth that thousand words – and it would take me a long time to crank out 1000 words per pic of these amazing ones, I decided to just post a whole lotta before-after real people pics that have appeared on a variety of sites, many with their stories included.  I’ve linked their story or original post in the link next to their names.

The DaiaSolGaia take on the paleo/primal diet is explained here.

What’s so impressive about eating from the evolutionary perspective – as best we can formulate – is that the human body seeks and reaches it’s optimum.  For men this a lean, muscular build (and ripped with some workout time) and for women, a ever-so-slightly fuller but still lean body (and modestly muscular with a little workout).  ALL this is achieved – for most people – WITHOUT CALORIE COUNTING! The human body – fed the right evolutionarily correct foods – will find the optimum (and lean) weight FOR YOU -  without complex brain-strain (or will-power-breaking)  dietary detail!

Here is a selection of the books that will truly inform you of the real diet of human beings and how to shed pounds while eating like a hunter-gatherer!




So here goes – without further adieu, Daiasolgaia salutes the success of these wonderful people and the generous candor in sharing these pics with the internet world:

Ted before and after 1 year (link):


Lindsey before and after 8 months: (link)


Ramsey before and after (ready for the Chippendales…!) (link)


And 2 year Vegan  YumYam after just 1.5 months! before and after: (link)


Ebicd before and after 6 months (link)


And a #14 on Paleo Hacks page before and after 6 months (link)


WJones and his kid too! before and after (link)


Stephen before and after: (link)


Lane before and after (link)


Matt before and after 6 months (link)


and last but certainly not least – the amazing and beautiful Malika before and after 8 months (link)

Thanks to all of you for such inspiration and congrats you all look **great**!



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